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“Pro Prep” Tops Range

The Pro Prep Tops are designed to be placed on an existing prep table. Made of pure Settanite.
No adhesives or fasteners are required.
Perfect for larger food processing. Instead of having multiple boards flopping around, this is a simple and effective solution.
Can easily be taken off and stored if needed.
Available in all 6 HACCP colors.
Standard sises : Code: PPTS 650 x 630 x 12
Code: PPTM 1630 x 630 x 12
Code: PPTL 2500 x 630 x 12

Custom sizes available, just send us your specific dimension requirements.

Product Description

For inquiries on pricing , shipping and or distribution please contact our Setta International Export Manager Tania at : ,  or .

The ‘PRO PREP’ Range is designed to used in more Professional and Industrial applications, and is compliant with HACCP ( Hazard Analysis And Critical Control Points)*

The PRO PREP Boards are designed for multiple chef/prep station use on an existing prep table, or any work surface.

No adhesives or fasteners needed.

Made of 100% Pure Settanite, these tops will out perform and outlast anything on the market.

They are Slice Proof, Stain Proof, Absolutely Flat, Heat Resistant, Odour Proof, Flavour Transfer Proof, completely Inert, Non Toxic, Hypo-allergenic, Industrial Dishwasher Safe, Eco Friendly and is classed as Knife Friendly…so will not dull knife blades as it is softer than the blade. The Pro Chef Boards are also Kosher and Halal accredited. The fist of its kind in the world.

The Pro Chef Range won the prestigious FHW  (International Food Hospitality World) award for “Best Product in the Food and Hospitality Industry in the World” . And is the proud sponsor of the SACA , The South African Chefs Association.

* HACCP : is a management system in which food safety is addressed through the analysis and control of biological, chemical, and physical hazards from raw material production, procurement and handling, to manufacturing, distribution and consumption of the finished product.


WHITE : Dairy Products ( Milk , Eggs )                                BLUE : Fish Products

RED : Raw Meat Products                                                        YELLOW : Poultry Products ( Chicken, Duck , Fowl)

GREEN : Fruit and Vegetable Products                                 BROWN : Cooked Meat Products


Additional Information

Dimensions500 x 12 x 375 cm

Blue, Brown, Green, Orange, Red, White


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