About Setta Kitchenware

Setta is a kitchenware company breaking new ground in Innovative Hygienic Products that have been designed and manufactured using state of the art surfaces and technology. By utilizing previously unobtainable or affordable materials, and a manufacturing process that was near impossible to implement, Setta has created the most Hygienic Kitchenware Products in the World. And thats a fact…Setta won an International award for it.

Setta was founded in 2010, and after 3 years of development, designing , manufacturing, material and product testing, a revolutionary new food preparation surface was created. The first of its kind in the world. The Pure Acrylic material has proven itself all over the world in the most stringent food hygiene controlled environments. Therefore completely solving the age old Hygiene issues of old food preparation surfaces that we have all had to deal with in the past.

For your private home or professional kitchen,  to high volume industrial food processing plants, there is no product for food hygiene that can compete on any level with a Setta cutting board.

Setta has currently shipped boards to all corners of the globe, and have supplied large foodstuff processing companies that are at the apex of the most stringent Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points ( HACCP)

Setta Kitchenware

Most Hygienic Cutting Board In The World

We use the most hygienic material in the world to manufacture our food preparation surfaces, making a Setta Cutting Board “The Most Hygienic…In The World” ™

Functional beauty

“Functional beauty”, is the key design aim in all the styles we produce.

Environmentally friendly, and durable, a Setta board will last through years of rigorous daily kitchen use.

Setta Bamboo Boards, The Most Hygienic Natural Material In The World

Setta Bamboo blocks are sealed with a 100% Natural Bees and Carnauba Wax Balm mix, which contains no solvents or formaldehyde. This seals the board off permanently. Setta uses an EU1 grade, High Compression, 3 Ply Horizontal Cross Laminate that will not de-laminate, warp or split.

Hygenic Awards & Certifications


Setta’s commitment to Ultimate Hygiene and Safe Food Preparation Environments extends to all our products.

Below is the list of awarded membership councils that have recognised Setta’s materials as the “Worlds Most Hygienic”

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