Bright White Pro Chef Meduim Board

Bright White Acrylic with Juice Groove


Pro Chef Small SIZE : 45 x 24 x 12mm Thick

Slightly Bigger than the Domestic Board. Perfect if you need a bigger cutting area. Made from the same Settanite material as the ” Pro Chef” range. It is the ultimate in Hygiene and durability. Perfect for home use in a domestic environment. The Setta cutting board is dishwasher safe, will not blunt knives, cannot warp or break. It will never wear out. It is totally unlike the Nylon boards that very quickly become furry and are impossible to clean. The material does not allow bacteria, smells ( flavors )  or stains to penetrate the board as it is a completely non-porous material.

Extremely easy to clean, and very quick drying.

Additional information

Dimensions45 × 1.2 × 24.5 cm


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